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Fruit salad often times is overly dressed with cloyingly sweet, dairy based dressings. I believe that fresh, properly ripened fruit should play the starring role and be allowed to shine. I prefer to let the fruit speak for itself by simply tossing it with a splash of grapefruit white balsamic just before serving. Our grapefruit white balsamic is clean, crisp and adds the right amount of complexity to fresh fruit salads without stealing the show. Slice your desired fruit and drizzle grapefruit white balsamic to taste….some like a little…some like a lot! Personally, there is never a thing called “too much” fruity white balsamic. Get creative and try our coconut white balsamic, apricot white balsamic, blueberry dark balsamic, cranberry-pear white balsamic, tangerine dark balsamic, cara-cara orange vanilla white balsamic, apple dark or white balsamic, strawberry dark balsamic…and the list goes on and on…Basically any of our fruity balsamic vinegars would work in a fruit salad.

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