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Stuffed Gluten Free Cookies (the non-cheesecake cookies can be shipped)

Stuffed Cookies with Cheesecake contain dairy but are Gluten Free.

You can order "GF only" which uses real butter. Or Dairy Free which uses organic palm shortening and Earth Balance Soy Free butter. 

The non Cheesecake stuffed cookies are- dairy free, soy free, and gluten free, they contain eggs

Be sure and write in allergies, date & time of pick up in Note Section or click edit cart to add date and time

We typically require 72 hour notice but during the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) we do need a seven day notice to prepare and complete your order.   


Any order for next business day may not be able to be accommodated and we will charge a $25 rush fee.  Any order due the day after next, may not be able to be accommodated and we will charge a $20 rush fee.

Any order cancelled 2 days before it is due will forfeit the deposit. 

We do not use artificial food dyes, corn syrup, or soy flour or soy oil! 


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