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French Macaron Variety Packs (All are GF / Dye Free / Soybean Free, can also order DF & Vegan)

We have three types of French Macarons:

Gluten Free Only:  Contains egg whites and dairy

GF/Dairy Free:  Contains egg whites and dairy-free butter and organic palm shortening

GF/Vegan:  Contains garbanzo beans/chickpeas 

All macarons contain almond flour and powdered sugar w/ cornstarch.  These are NOT Coconut "Macaroons" which are made with egg whites and shredded coconut.  

Dairy Free icing consists of pea starch, organic palm shortening, sunflower lecithin.

If you are wanting a particular flavor, must order a minimum of a dozen and we need a 2 weeks' notice.  Write date / time in Note Section or click edit cart to add date and time

You can all the store to see what flavors we have in stock to make your packs below, or in the comments you can say "variety"

 We do not ship these! 

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