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Cupcake Order for KETO ONLY (Local Pickup Only)

All of our cupcakes are gluten-free, our keto cupcakes contain dairy and eggs.  Icing is made with a heavy whip/cream cheese mixture.  Cupcakes contain Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Almond / Coconut Milk, Erythritol (Swerve), Eggs.  We use Lilly's Sugarfree Chips for Ganache on some flavors


Document when you want to pick these up either in the Note Section or click edit cart to add date and time

These cupcakes are large, can be cut in 2 (Serving size is 2)

For 1 Serving:  Cal 132, Carb 7.2, Protein 5.4, Fat 10.8g, Sodium 105mg, Fiber 4.2, Net Carb 3

Any order for next business day may not be able to be accommodated and we will charge a $25 rush fee.  Any order due the day after next, may not be able to be accommodated and we will charge a $20 rush fee.

Any order cancelled 2 days before it is due will forfeit the deposit. 

We do not use artificial food dyes, corn syrup, or soy flour or soy oil! 


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