Our Olive oils, Truffle oils, Walnut oil, Japanese Roasted Sesame Oil and vinegars are supplied by Veronica Foods Company which is inspected and certified by the following agencies.

Non-GMO Project – Non-GMO certification
FDA – U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Cal-OHSA – California Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Orthodox Union – Kosher Certification
QAI – Quality Assurance International – USDA Organic Certification
Food Safety Services – Third Party Auditor and HACCP Certifier
No sugars, no preservatives, no caramel food coloring added to Vinegars
Organic, gluten-free and non-GMO!

Nutritional Facts:

Balsamic Vinegar: One tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar contains 14 calories, 4mg sodium, 2.7g Total Carbs, zero fat, and zero cholesterol, 18mg Potassium.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: One tablespoon of EVOO contains 120 calories, 14 grams of fat, zero cholesterol, and zero sodium.

If you want to see the individual Nutritional Facts & ingredient listing for each product, we keep all of these on file and can provide upon request.

Butternut Squash Seed Oil & Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil are handcrafted by Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods who produce these seed oils in small batches at their Finger Lakes production kitchen in New York. Each oil varies in color and flavor profile depending on the variety of squash, with colors ranging from dark emerald green (pumpkin) to a rich golden hue (butternut). The flavor profiles are equally varied, ranging from mild, savory umami flavors to the more pronounced taste of roasted peanuts or hazelnuts.

The seeds are non-GMO and are not treated with any chemicals or preservatives after being separated from the squash. No preservatives or chemical additives are used in our production. Seeds are expeller-pressed without excessive heat or chemical extraction. Immediately before pressing, the seeds are carefully roasted at low temperatures to bring out the seed’s subtle flavors and improve shelf stability of the oil. The seeds of at least 11 squash are used to produce just one 6.3 oz bottle of oil.

    • Butternut Squash Seed Oil: contains only one ingredient: oil from roasted pressed varietal squash seeds. We produce the oil in small batches, ensuring a level of quality from seed to bottle to shelf. Nutrition: Oil is high in polyunsaturated fat, and less than a third of the saturated fat in butter. Rich in Vitamin E. No trans fat or cholesterol. Shelf life: one year. The oil’s nutty taste makes a great replacement for nuts in baked goods or stuffing for those with nut allergies.


    • Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil: is all-natural, expeller-pressed unrefined oil for finishing and flavoring your favorite dishes. It is 100% pure varietal oil made with non-GMO pumpkin seeds grown on a family farm in central New York. Ingredient: 100% pure pumpkin seed oil. Shelf life: one year. Nutrition: oil is high in mono- and polyunsaturated fats, low in saturated fat. No trans fat or cholesterol.