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We have partnered with an amazing coffee roaster out of the Ozarks of Arkansas. “Farm to Cup” are not just words, that is their mission at Mountain Bird Coffee. Their coffee is brought to us straight from the farm. They cut out the middle man to bring you fresh, single-origin coffee direct from the farm. As a result, they can pay their farmers more than fair-trade prices. Their relationship with the farmers ensures that no herbicides or pesticides are used, and sustainability is practiced every step of the way. Our coffee is delivered to us weekly the day after it has been roasted. You can’t get a fresher cup than that!

Visit us to see what we have brewed up.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”4/12″][vc_single_image image=”1225″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]Roasting Profiles:
The roast profile is a sort of road map of temperature and time in graphic form. Different curves will result in different roasts. We have created a unique profile for every coffee that both preserves the origin characteristics and brings balance to the cup. When we develop a roast profile, we consider the degree and length of roast.

Degree of Roast- From Light to Dark:
In lighter roasted coffees the origin characteristics are better preserved. The acidity is higher and the natural sweetness of the coffee tends to be stronger. If a coffee is roasted too light the cup character can end up astringent. As the roast gets darker the origin characteristics can become blurred or even lost. The acidity tends to decrease or transform into pungency. Initially, the body increases with degree of roast, but at a certain point drops off and the coffee becomes thin, even watery.

Length of Roast- From Short to Long:
By varying temperature, a bean can be roasted to the same degree on a short to long roast spectrum. A general rule of thumb: the longer the roast, the lower the acidity. A very quick roast can heat the bean unevenly, leaving a scorched exterior and under-developed interior. On the other hand, a very long roast can taste baked or bland.

Blend Type Type of Coffee Roast Type Additional Information about product
Custom Blend Black Mountain Café French Roast From the high altitude mountains of Peru (ORGANIC), El Salvador (RAINFOREST ALLIANCE) and Mexico (ORGANIC), we FRENCH roast our unique profiles to each bean, showcasing their complex chocolate highlights, rich body, and smoky overtones.
Custom Blend Dang Good Decaf Medium to Dark A special blend of gourmet coffees from the Americas. Handpicked on LA MINITA” sustainable farms, which have had the caffeine extracted through a process called Swiss Water Extraction. Full body, with wonderful chocolate over tones. Maybe used as an espresso blend.
Custom Blend Morning Bird Blend Medium to Dark Combining the best Mexican, Costa Rican and Guatemalan coffee beans from sustainable farms which are recognized “RAINFOREST ALLIANCE and ORGANIC”. A full body, smooth finish character to be enjoyed any time of the day.
Custom Blend Stevie’s Espresso Medium to Dark In memory of Steve’s grandmother, who taught him at an early age the restaurant business. Truly, a gourmet coffee blend of superb gourmet “Beans of the Americas”, from sustainable farms that are also recognized “RAINFOREST ALLIANCE and ORGANIC”. Steve is an amazing coffee roaster, a true artist!
Single Origin Colombia Jardin Excelso Medium to Dark From the Antioquia region, this gourmet roasted coffee bean has highlights of cocoa and caramel that mingle with hints of tropical fruit, producing a clean and sweet, softened acidity body.(Med./Dark Roast) Elevation Grown: 4,500 Feet
Single Origin Costa Rica El Conquistador Dark Roast Classic Tarrazu coffee….sweet, well balanced and a classic piquant Acidity. Flavor attributes are complex and range from lush tropical fruit and bittersweet chocolate, with a hint of tropical nuts. (Dark Roast) Elevation Grown: 5,500 Feet
Single Origin El Recreo Estate Medium Roast Estate Coffee from the Jinotega Region of Nicaragua. Bittersweet chocolate, vanilla beans, and almonds with a hint of cinnamon. (Medium Roast). Elevation Grown: 4,000 Feet
Single Origin Guatemala La Flor del Café Medium to Dark A spectacular Bourbon, shade grown gourmet coffee from the Antigua region. Lively acidity, heavy body and flavors of fine chocolate, caramel and smoky rum. Medium Dark Roast Elevation Grown.